Model Denise Bidot Shares An Inspiring Open Letter To Her Daughter

Model Denise Bidot has some touching words to share with her daughter this Mother’s Day. 

In a new HuffPost Originals video, Bidot recites a letter she wrote to her daughter, Joselyn, about the importance of self love. She discusses growing up watching her own mother struggle with body image issues, which negatively affected her view of herself. Now that Bidot, a plus-size Puerto Rican and Kuwaiti beauty, is a mom, she’s determined to make sure her daughter recognizes her own worth.

“You are perfect. From your curly hair to your beautiful brown skin and your mixed heritage — you are perfect,” she says in the letter. 

Bidot, who has modeled for brands like Target and has walked at New York Fashion Week, addresses the pressures women face to meet unrealistic and often conflicting beauty standards. But as a body-positive advocate herself, Bidot is passing on her message of self love to her daughter to show that one size doesn’t fit all. 

“We live in a world saturated with images of what women should look like. Skinny, curvy, white, black, made up, not made up. It will never stop,” she says. “But you have to silence the noise because there’s no wrong way to be a woman.”

Watch the video above.

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Flight of the Navigator star charged with bank robbery in Canada

Police arrested Deleriyes Joe Cramer, 42, earlier this week after a man dressed in a disguise left a bank with an undisclosed amount of money

A man who starred in Disneys 1986 adventure flick Flight of the Navigator when he was a child has been charged in connection with a bank robbery in the Canadian province of British Columbia.

Police arrested Deleriyes Joe Cramer, 42, earlier this week after a man dressed in a disguise left a bank with an undisclosed amount of money.

Joe Cramer, 42. Photograph: Police Handout

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police said a man wearing a wig of scraggly hair, a bandanna, sunglasses and a dark jacket entered a bank on 28 April in Sechelt, British Columbia. Police said he demanded money and fled on foot. Police said no one was injured during the robbery and that Cramer drove off when he was approached by officers in the community north-west of Vancouver.

Despite the fact that a disguise was used during the robbery, the suspect was quickly identified by some of our officers, who had recently dealt with him on an unrelated matter, said Constable Harrison Mohr of Sunshine Coast RCMP.

Mohr said the man, also known as Joey Cramer, has been charged with robbery, disguise with intent to commit an indictable offence, failing to stop for a peace officer and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle in relation to the 28 April heist.

Cramer was 12 years old when he played a boy who has an adventure with an alien spaceship in Flight of the Navigator. He also acted in the 1984 flick Runaway with Tom Selleck and the 1987 film Stone Fox.

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How we got to Trump: blame game begins among fellow Republicans

Eleven months ago, the businessmans candidacy seemed like a sideshow; now, hes the likely GOP presidential nominee. How did the country get here?

As the news sinks in, a palpable sense of shock is settling over much of America of the sort normally reserved for the day after major natural disasters. Donald Trump, the real estate tycoon once known primarily for his mop of orange hair, perma-tan and catchphrase Youre fired!, has become the presumptive presidential nominee of the Republican party.

The country, including many top figures within the GOP itself, is struggling to come to terms with the unthinkable, the unconscionable, the downright preposterous: in theory, Trump is now one short hop away from the White House. To say that the news has unsettled the party of which he is now the nominal head would be a gross understatement thunderstruck, flabbergasted or devastated would be closer to the mark.

On Wednesday the final opponent to the former reality TV star, the governor of Ohio John Kasich, suspended his campaign following on the heels of Ted Cruz, the senator for Texas, who concluded he had no way to compete with Trump in the wake of the Indiana primary the day before. The Republican race was over.

When asked by the Guardian to describe the impact on the Republican party of Trumps now-inevitable nomination, Rick Wilson, a prominent conservative strategist who worked on the presidential campaigns of both George Bushes, replied: What Republican party? The party I grew up in is done, its over. As long as Donald Trump is the definition of our brand, its dead.

Trump announces that he will run for president of the United States, in the lobby of Trump Tower, New York, 16 June 2015. Photograph: Richard Drew/AP

Charlie Sykes, a popular conservative radio host in Milwaukee, said: Donald Trump represents the antithesis of everything I have fought for in the last 30 years. He is a neo-fascist buffoon.

Influential conservative pundits are calling on party members to work to keep Trump from securing the most powerful job on earth. George Will in the Washington Post exhorted conservatives to help Trump lose in all 50 states, while Mark Salter, a strategist for the 2008 Republican nominee John McCain, went as far as to say on Twitter that he would vote for Hillary Clinton, tweeting: Im with her.

Countless other Republicans are flocking to the anti-Trump website, whose pledge has more than 30,000 signatories.

How did it come to this? How did an event that many pundits predicted could and would never happen come to pass?

A look back at how Trump ran his primary campaign throws up more questions than answers. It is easier to list the things that he has done wrong in the past year than those he has done right.

In the 11 months since he declared his candidacy for the presidency, he has insulted a wide range of ethnic and religious groups, ignored age-old wisdom about how to run a political campaign and taken policy positions way beyond the mainstream. And, in ways that people are only beginning to accept and understand, it has worked.

Even his son Eric, speaking to the Guardian at the victory party on Tuesday night in Trump Tower, the candidates gauchely glittering Manhattan home, expressed surprise at how his father had pulled it off. Hes done an amazing job, for a man who has never been a politician and has self-funded his campaign.

When Trump first announced his candidacy in June, it was to sneers among many in the chattering classes. Everything about him was uncouth, ranging from his entrance on an escalator in Trump Tower to his accusation that the Mexican government was deliberately sending rapists across the border into the US. His nearly hourlong stream of consciousness was broadcast live in its entirety on cable news as an apparent freak show but it touched a chord with voters.

In droves, they embraced Trumps message and bought his branded hats (Make America Great Again). They didnt need to have their attitudes measured in polls or groomed through sophisticated targeted advertising. They were mad as hell and they werent going take the mainstream Republican party any more.

Sarah Palin endorses Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump during a rally in Ames, Iowa, 19 January 2016. Photograph: Mary Altaffer/AP

Trump proved to be pretty entertaining, too if visceral attacks against rivals such as Jeb low-energy Bush and Lyin Ted Cruz were your sort of entertainment. The unlikeliest of presidential candidates began to attract huge crowds across the south and the north-east.

As the no doubt bloody and enduring post-mortem begins, many fingers of blame are being pointed at the media, which afforded the candidate copious amounts of free air time in return for stellar viewing figures and web clicks. As long ago as March, the New York Times estimated that Trump had been showered with almost $2bn worth of media attention without spending a dime of his own money.

Trump also proved to be adept in whipping up the crowd on social media, with a Twitter feed that today attracts nearly eight million followers. As with so much of his campaign, the normal rules of presidential electioneering didnt seem to apply to him he could retweet white supremacists, repeat conspiracy theories and spout blatant untruths in ways that would have destroyed previous candidates yet seemed to wash off him without effect.

As the in-fighting within the Republican party intensifies in the wake of Trumps coronation, some had harsh words about culpability. Rick Wilson said that the conservative media, and the established media generally, had questions to answer about how they gave him a pass.

He was let get away with things that would disqualify any other candidate. The media just shrugged its shoulders and said: Its Donald being Donald.

Charlie Sykes laid some of the blame on his fellow talkshow hosts on the national stage for example, Rush Limbaugh, who has been effusive about Trump. When we undertake the inevitable reckoning, the role of talkshow hosts in dumbing down and distorting the debate, misleading listeners and enabling Donald Trump will be a major factor, theres no doubt about it.

But such substantial criticisms of the media should not let the Republican party itself off the hook. As Sykes puts it, there was a failure of principle, a failure of nerve, a failure to coalesce around a credible alternative candidate.

To some extent, the extreme rightwing policies that Trump has made his own were merely reframings of populist slogans laid down by his supposedly moderate predecessors. Trumps promise to build a wall along the Mexican border to keep out criminal and rapist illegals was anticipated by Mitt Romneys earlier pledge to force the self-deportation of undocumented immigrants which made Romneys later denunciation of Trump somewhat duplicitous.

Marco Rubio and Donald Trump at a debate on the campus of the University of Miami on 10 March 2016 in Coral Gables, Florida. Photograph: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

The 16 other GOP presidential candidates who lined up against Trump at the start of the campaign also made a pact with the devil in which they largely agreed to look the other way until it was too late. Wilson has calculated that Jeb Bush devoted 10 times as much money fighting his fellow Floridian Marco Rubio than he did battling the real estate billionaire while Cruz spent nine months cozying up to Donald Trump and then the final month saying he was a monster. That lacked a certain amount of credibility.

At his victory speech on Tuesday night, Trump bragged that the Republican establishment spent $8m in its desperate attempt to stop him, including 60,000 negative TV ads which he called absolutely false and disgusting. But he added: The people are so smart they dont buy it. They get it.

The people to whom he was alluding were the preponderantly older white male voters who tend to dominate Republican primary elections. With Trump posting a 67% unfavorability rating among Americans generally the worst showing of any presidential nominee of either main party since at least 1984 the people may prove not to be so smart, by Trumps definition, when the wider electorate gets to have its say in November.

(Clinton, however, has her own troubles with favorability. More than half of voters also say they view her negatively.)

But all that lies ahead. For now, there is Trumps unstoppable nomination to deal with, and the shattering recognition it brings that the Republican party has given birth to a candidate who, for many Americans, embodies their darkest fears.

GOP delegates

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Eva Green: I dont want to be put in a box marked Weird Witch

The star of gothic fantasy Penny Dreadful talks about the risks and pleasures of acting on the dark side

Only very beautiful women and, perhaps, motorcycle couriers can get away with leather trousers. Detective Saga Norn in The Bridge? Just about. Ronan Keating? Not so much.

These thoughts occur as Im introduced to Eva Green at an apparently select members club in the gothic revival St Pancras Renaissance hotel in London. Shes wearing black boots, black leather trousers, tailored black singlet, has long, dyed-black hair and lots of black eye makeup.

I am a vampire, she laughs, as we retire to a sofa in a darkened corner, and I never expose myself to the sun. I have very fine skin, you see. She daily applies suncream (factor 30 or 50) under her makeup.

Green is drawn to the dark side in other ways. The 35-year-old French actor is in London to promote her role as gaunt, statuesque, demonically possessed, cheeks-sucked-in-so-much-it-must-hurt-after-a-hard-days-shooting clairvoyant Vanessa Ives in Sky series Penny Dreadful. The drama is a gothic mashup of Dracula, Dorian Gray, Frankenstein, steampunk aesthetics, vampires, werewolves, diabolical possession and obsolete alienist psychiatry. When I reviewed the first episode in 2014, I found it as impossible to take seriously as Ronan Keating in leather strides, notwithstanding all the impressive acting talent on show, including Rory Kinnear, Simon Russell-Beale, Helen McCrory, Billie Piper and Green herself. But the Victorian-set drama, whose third series starts this week, has since garnered decent ratings and won awards, so what do I know?

Watch the trailer for Penny Dreadful, season three

One day, Green whispers to me confidingly in husky, French-tinged, but nearly over-articulated English, she was in her trailer in Ireland. She was getting ready to film a scene in which Ives becomes demonically possessed and speaks in voices. In preparation, she was listening to a recording of the voice of a young German woman called Annaliese Michel. You can hear Michels ostensibly demonically possessed voice on YouTube, before she underwent Catholic exorcism rites in 1974. It is disturbing listening, and made all the more so thanks to hindsight: Michel died the following year, after which her parents and two priests were convicted of negligent homicide. As I was listening to it, says Green, my makeup artist came in, heard these noises and said: Oh my God, Im getting out. And she ran off. I can understand why. It feels as if its contagious.

Is it contagious? Do she think its psychically risky to play such a deranged character, particularly when channelling the voice of someone who endured exorcism? On the contrary. Its fun for me to do, even if the results are scary. I make jokes and play with the crew before we approach she growls comically the darkness. Then I go into character.

This is the third year Green has spent living in Ireland for five and a half months playing Vanessa Ives. As she puts it, with a chuckle: Its as if you sign away your life to the devil. You have no life outside, so the show better be good.

Clearly, Green thinks Penny Dreadful is good; she revels in playing a character in psychic meltdown. In this new series, Ives undergoes counselling with an alienist psychotherapist, and later appears in a padded cell with tears streaming down her face, hissing ominously at her doctors: You think you know evil? How does Vanessa wind up like that? She feels as if she has been abandoned by God, she has lost her lover, her faith and her family and she feels cursed. We all have our demons, but Vanessas demons are literal. Thats the problem. And, for Green as an actor, thats the opportunity.

Eva Green with Daniel Craig in Casino Royale. Photograph: Rex/Sony/Everett

But do I take her madness home with me? No. Can you imagine being in character the whole time? Ugh. I would go to an asylum. This, no doubt, explains why method actors such as Christian Bale or Tom Hardy wouldnt do well to work on a programme like Penny Dreadful.

But does she take Penny Dreadfuls themes of possession, the supernatural, the diabolical seriously? I have done so much research on this, but take it seriously? Its more like an acting dissection. She takes a sip from her red drink. It should be someones blood but disappointingly it turns out to be beetroot juice to strengthen her immune system (her dietary regimen is as demanding as her skincare routine).

Its like I dont have a corset any more when Im playing Vanessa, you know? People will think that its terrible to have fun in a show like that. But I do.

Green claims, nonetheless, to be very spiritual. I dont believe in God, but I believe in something more. I believe there are things or energies beyond the everyday. Then she checks herself, worried how this is might come across. I dont know. I sound like a fucking weirdo. Its tricky to talk about these things.

Penny Dreadful season three. Photograph: Jonathan Hession/Showtime

Nothing in her background prepared her for this attitude to the supernatural. Her mother, Marlne Jobert, an actor turned childrens writer, is of Sephardic Jewish ancestry; her dentist father, Walter, is part Swedish, part French. She describes herself as a secular Jew who never attended synagogue as a girl.

Both Greens parents tried talking her out of accepting what proved to be a breakthrough role in her first film. After training in acting in London and New York, she returned to her native Paris, where she played in several stage productions, including Jealousy in Three Faxes, where she was noticed by the director Bernardo Bertolucci. He approached the then 21-year-old and asked her to make her screen debut in his new film The Dreamers (2003), a free adaptation of one-time Guardian columnist Gilbert Adairs novel about a threesome during les vnements in 1968 Paris. Why did her parents advise her against accepting? Because of what happened to Maria Schneider in Last Tango in Paris. Schneider disappeared after the film became a success, subsequently checking into an Italian psychiatric hospital. Several years later, she resumed her career.

Green ignored her parents advice. Was Bertolucci a monster on set? Not at all. He gave us a lot of freedom and let us be. He didnt give much direction at all. We didnt rehearse he trusts in the magic of the moment. It was innocent and fun and crazy.

She overcame her compunctions about her parents seeing her naked in the film so much so that she protested about the censors prudish cuts to The Dreamers when it was released in the US. She said at the time: It is quite paradoxical, because in America there is so much violence, both on the streets and on the screen. They think nothing of it. Yet I think they are frightened by sex.

The Dreamers served as calling card to Hollywood. Green was not just beautiful Bertolucci described her as so beautiful, its indecent but she could also speak English well (thanks to studying at the American University in Paris, as well as youthful sojourns in London, Ireland and Ramsgate), so soon after she was cast in two anglophone blockbusters: Ridley Scotts crusade flick Kingdom of Heaven (2005), opposite Orlando Bloom; and then Casino Royale (2006), where she played Vesper Lynd opposite Daniel Craig, as he made his first foray into the retooled 007 franchise.

Eva Green in Chriss Weitzs 2007 film His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass. Photograph: Allstar/New Line Cinema/Sportsphoto

After 007, though, Greens career took an unexpected turn. She played the witch Serafina Pekkala in Chris Weitzs The Golden Compass, his adaptation of the first volume of Philip Pullmans His Dark Materials trilogy of fantasy novels. Her career since might seem to have been dominated by such supernatural roles she played a witch not only in the sanitised Pullman adaptation, but in Tim Burtons Dark Shadows (2012). And in the 2011 TV series Camelot, she was the Arthurs malevolent half-sister Morgan, a woman obsessed with witchcraft.

And now she plays a gothic heroine with supernatural powers. Is she in danger of getting typecast? I will have to do more normal roles because I dont want to be put in a box marked weird witch. People around me say: You must stop doing dark roles. Which people? Oh you know, friends, boyfriends. But theres something fascinating in darkness. You learn about yourself as well by going to these extremes as an actor. Perhaps, she says with a chuckle, I should see a shrink.

Her family dont understand why she is so frequently drawn to the dark side. If I listened to my mothers advice, I wouldnt do anything. I tell her the story and shes like: Oh God! Why are you doing that? Why cant you play something normal?

Greens twin sister, Joy, she says, finds it strange to watch Penny Dreadful. She watches me speaking in tongues and having fits and she says: This is my twin sister? The sisters lives are very different. Shes married to an Italian count, lives in Italy and is busy raising her two children. Looking after the vineyard. Nice life, huh?

Green had problems with Lars von Trier. The Danish director sought her out to play the female lead in his notorious film about bereavement, sex and madness, Anti-Christ (2009). I was such a big fan. I was obsessed. It was my dream to work with him ever since Breaking the Waves, which was so magical to me. But then they met. I was not even allowed to express myself. I dont think he likes collaboration. Was there a particular problem? We didnt agree on some sexual shots. He took what I said really badly. So. Its a shame. Instead, Charlotte Gainsbourg took the role of a bereaved mother who castrates her husband (Willem Dafoe) and then mutilates her clitoris. Gainsbourg, rather than Green, won the best actress award at Cannes for her performance.

Why has she acted so little in her native language? I want to, but Im worried. I feel like the French are waiting to trash me, so I have to find the right thing. I now have a French agent, but I havent been approached by anybody.

Thats not quite true: she recently finished filming a French movie. It was called I Dont Care About That One, she jokes guardedly. It was not good. She yearns for better French roles and has written to one of her favourite French directors, Jacques Audiard, imploring him to consider her. It would be a holiday. I wouldnt have to worry about the English. Your voice and your whole identity changes when you speak in a different language. So to speak French would reveal another me. The real me.

Eva Green in Tim Burtons new film Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children. Photograph: Fox

But who is the real Eva Green? In some senses, shes Charlotte Rampling or Kristin Scott Thomas in reverse an actor who has cut it on the other side of the Channel. I love English. I have a flat here. I lived here when I was 23 or 24, so its the grown-up me. I even dream in English.

We will next see Green in another English-language fantasy film. In Tim Burtons new film Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children, adapted from American author Ransom Riggss bestselling childrens novel, she plays the eponymous orphanage director, living on a Welsh island, looking after kids whose special gifts are unrecognised in a boring, straight society. One child can bring animals and children back to life for a short time; another stores bees in his stomach to protect them; another is lighter than air and has to be tied down with a rope. Were back in Green land, a comfortingly familiar, if fantastical realm.

One reason Green thinks she survives in such a tough profession is because it allows her to be the opposite of what she is in real life (she lives alone just outside Paris). Im quiet boring even in real life. Nothing like the mad witches I play. And Im still getting fun from it, the sort of fun a child gets from doing something they love and that is a little bit naughty.

Penny Dreadful season three is on Tuesdays at 10pm on Sky Atlantic. Catch up on previous seasons on Now TV

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‘Burning Man for the 1%’: the desert party for the tech elite, with Eric Schmidt in a top hat

Further Future is the tech-centric, unapologetically luxurious alternative to Burning Man, complete with personal assistants, spa treatments and fine dining

A red Ferrari with the top down swerved past on the winding dirt road, headingto what looked like a small Mars encampment. Helicopters landed on the side of the road and greeters darted across. At a farmers market with overflowing baskets full of raspberries, watermelons, and focaccia, I asked for a mango, and the farmer started cutting it in half for me: Thatll be $7.

This weekend, outside Las Vegas, a group of Burning Man veterans put on a festival called Further Future, now in its second year. Across 49 acres of Native American land over three days, with around 5,000 attendees, the event was the epitome of a new trend of so-called transformational festivals that are drawing technologists for whats billed as a mix of fun and education. While tickets started at $350, many attendees opted for upgrades to fully staffed accommodation and fine dining.

While Burning Mans hidden luxury camps on the edge of town are criticized by old time Burners who value labor on the desert, Further Future is a splinter group thats unapologetic about wanting a good, hard-labor-free time. Unabashed luxury, the website reads. Burners are judged for using Wi-Fi or having private chefs; Further Future advertises its connectivity and personal festival assistant service. Nobu hosted a $250-a-seat dinner on the first night of the festival. Partiers included Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Alphabet; Clear Channel CEO Bob Pittman; and top Facebook executive Stan Chudnovsky.

Further Future festival: Were shaping the future. Photograph: Tomas Loewy for the Guardian

Its the Burning Man 1%, said Charles, a documentary filmmaker with spikes pierced through his ears and a brainwave meditation startup. Its curated.

Eric Schmidt was backstage leaning against a tower of palettes and wearing an ornate top hat and a vest made of mirrors. He said he was at Further Future mostly because these were his friends.

Its well documented that I go to Burning Man. The futures driven by people with an alternative world view. You never know where youll find ideas.

This was the cream of the Burning Man crop, he said.

This is a high percentage of San Francisco entrepreneurs, and they tend to be winners. Its a curated, self-selected group of adults who have jobs, Schmidt said. You can tell by the percentage of trailers.

Did they provide the costume for him?

My own, of course. What do you think of it? he pressed the glass panels and smiled.

Top of the crop: Eric Schmidt in his party hat. Photograph: Tomas Loewy for the Guardian

Party planners at Burning Man are careful to hide their luxury dwellings behind large walls dressed as art projects, but Further Future had no such pretension. Behind a chain-link fence was the VIP neighborhood with airstreams ($5,000) and Lunar Palaces ($7,500) 200 sq ft, 9ft high, custom-made luxury domes with wooden flooring and furnished to sleep four. These included something called an entourage concierge a personal, dedicated lifestyle manager and assistant ready to help you with any requirements or desires you may have. No request is ever unattainable. The lifestyle assistant, who makes sure you have the soap you like, will work with you on everything from the green juice you enjoy every morning to the old-fashioned cocktail you sip on in the evenings.

In a shipping container converted to control room, I found Russell Ward, the general show runner and publicist whos the mastermind behind the most popular transformational festivals.

This is top-league networking and business folks are all here in the guise of having fun. Its designed around the music, but its about the business, Ward said. A ton of business will get done here. Entrepreneurs will get funded, investors will find their trajectories, service companies will meet and mix it up.

Before running the tech worlds hot new trend, Ward had an online gaming hedge fund. The problem was it got hairy. Its a dodgy industry, he said. We werent doing anything illegal, but we got raided by the government, and I got spooked. So I had to decide where to plant my next seed, and I found this knack for festivals.

The aesthetic of the festival was steampunk futurism (latex underwear, fur coats, platform boots, metal headpieces). Ward was wearing a Hawaiian tank top, clear Gucci sunglasses, and a silver-coated bobcat claw on a chain.

Burning Man, and we have great reverence for Burning Man, but theres always an element of arduousness. Here, we have spa treatments and green juice, he said. Theres already enough in life thats tough.

Further Future is only one of several transformations Ward runs, and they all overlap somewhat, especially MaiTai, the billionaire kiteboarding community centered around Virgin founder Richard Bransons island. Kiteboarding is the new golf, Ward said. Everyones doing it. Branson, Elon, Sergey.

Justin Shaffer, an early Facebook employee and now an investor, says he wants Further Future to answer a new set of questions: What happens post-capitalism? Even post-democracy? What about post-employment, when we have universal basic income?

Physical proximity will become more important in a world where the first time you see the pyramids is in VR.

Keeping fit at Further Future. Photograph: Tomas Loewy for the Guardian

In the Wellness Tent, theres a fitness class with people jumping up and down in unison. Nearby, one woman advertises psychiatric services as tools and technology broken down for busy professionals. Another advertises smudgie aura cleansing. To the side of the main wellness stage, a man is getting a transfusion in his arm from a bright yellow bag of fluid (a liter of saline and vitamins called Push IV). The patient reclines, half asleep, until someone accidentally knocks the bag over, jolting the needle in his arm.

An espresso line stretches 45 minutes long for lavender lattes.

During a wellness panel on Adventure Travel: Journey As Wellness, someone asks the instructor Fabian Piorkowski about privilege.

Were so privileged to come to these spiritual places Further Future, Tulum but not everyone can, the audience member says, asking Piorkowski how he should reconcile that.

Its all about balance. We are the ones meant to be the air, not the earth, Piorkowski said. So you have this group who can travel. The purpose can never be to enable everyone to travel because that would create imbalance.

On stage, entrepreneur Loc Le Meur is wearing a whole fox as a headpiece and being interviewed Schmidt. He answers questions about blockchain (hes for it), eugenics (hes opposed), and cellphones (hes worried about addiction). Schmidt is beloved.

The woman behind me shouts that he should run for president. Someone else says: Marry me, Eric. It was his birthday just a couple of days before, and everyone sings Happy Birthday. At dinner that night, everyone gets a slice of birthday cake.

Entrepreneur Loc Le Meur on stage with fellow entrepreneur Gary Mueller. Photograph: Tomas Loewy for the Guardian

Schmidt sat on the floor, smiling, his eyes almost closed. The dinner party included a beer tasting, and the bartender was frustrated because the foie gras torchon was too fatty for a proper beer pairing. Schmidt and his pack headed out into the night.

Robert Scott, the 42-year-old cofounder of the festival, said you dont need to sweat to have an epiphany.

Theres a lot of ways to find an epiphany. Being in the desert under hard conditions is one way to bring yourself into a receptive state, I suppose, but here, all these things are putting you in the same place gently, he said.

We sat at a table after a rainstorm, his shaggy brown hair disheveled.

Its important what we do here, Scott said. Thats what we keep saying. Were shaping the future. These are the people who not only can do it, but these are the only people who can.

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Claudio Ranieri will be last to know if Spurs slip and Leicester take title

Claudio Ranieri will be boarding a flight from Rome after lunch with his mother when Tottenham go to Chelsea knowing anything other than a win would hand the title to Leicester City

Leicester City will be crowned Premier League champions if Tottenham Hotspur cannot beat Chelsea on Monday night but Claudio Ranieri will not be among the millions tuning in to see the possible denouement of this seasons title race. Ranieri will be flying back from Italy instead, having visited his 96-year-old mother, Renata, for lunch and will be, by his own admission, the last man to know the result.

While Ranieri is boarding a flight from Rome, Spurs will go to Stamford Bridge knowing that anything other than an away win would mean the championship being decided on the back of Leicesters 1-1 draw at Manchester United, a game that finished with Marouane Fellaini facing a possible three-match ban and Louis van Gaal accusing Robert Huth of adopting behaviour acceptable only with sex masochism. Van Gaals argument was that Huth had pulled Fellainis hair, provoking the Belgian into elbowing his opponent, and Uniteds manager made his point by doing the same off-camera to a television reporter.

Ranieri was far less abrasive after a result that leaves his team eight points clear of Spurs and with the opportunity, at the very worst, to clinch the title by beating Everton at the King Power Stadium on Saturday.

Id like to watch the game but I am on a flight back from Italy, Ranieri said. I want to meet my mother, who is 96 years old, and go for lunch with her. I fly back at the same time as the match. So I wont know the result. But when we land I will hear.

Anthony Martial had given United an early lead but Wes Morgan equalised nine minutes later, before the midfielder Danny Drinkwater was sent off late on for his second bookable offence. I am very sad because he will miss the next game at home, Ranieri said. I hope I will not miss him. Otherwise I am so happy because we drew against a fantastic Manchester United side.

We suffered a lot because they pressed so high and without [Jamie] Vardy it was difficult to stretch the line. Psychologically it was very important to come back and, after that, we were a little more calm, moving the ball quickly and doing what we spoke about in the week.

Drinkwaters second booking came from a tug on Memphis Depay when the United substitute had his foot on the perimeter line of the penalty area. The referee, Michael Oliver, awarded only a free-kick but Leicester had their own grievances when an earlier penalty appeal for Marcos Rojos challenge on Riyad Mahrez was waved away and Fellaini was fortunate that his elbow on Huth was apparently not seen.

When you see what Huth is doing to Fellaini, thats a penalty, Van Gaal argued.

Shall I grab you by your hair? What is your reaction when I grab your hair? [Grabs reporters hair off camera.] Your hair is shorter than Fellaini but when I do that, what are you doing then? Its a reaction. Every human being who is grabbed by the hair [reacts]. Only with sex masochism it is allowed but not in other situations.

Van Gaals argument is unlikely to spare his player retrospective action and the United manager was angry to learn that Fellaini, a player notorious for elbowing offences, might face such action and a possible three-match ban from the Football Association.

Then I expect, firstly, that Huth shall be getting a lot [of suspended games] because I dont think that is normal what he is doing, he said. Fellaini is reacting like a human being because if I grab your hair and pull it backwards, you would also do something to me, I believe. They did it several times, I think, and the reaction of Fellaini was of a human being.

Manchester Citys defeat at Southampton means United are four points off the fourth Champions League qualification place. Van Gaals team have a game in hand but the Dutchman was frustrated by their inability to build on their early lead. I have said to my players that I have seen one of the best matches of the season from my lineup but it was not enough. You have to score when you are so attacking and creating so many chances, as we did in the first half, and when you concede a set-play goal, again, that is a pity.

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7 Relatable Cards For Couples Who Just Get Each Other

Artist Naomi Dawson had a wedding to attend, but she couldn’t find a card that fit her friends’ sense of humor — so she decided to make one herself. 

“Modern day love is pulling hair out of the plug hole which definitely isn’t yours.”

“I couldn’t find anything that suited them and their sense of humor, so I decided to design something myself,” Dawson, a freelance illustrator in the UK, told The Huffington Post. “They absolutely loved it and told me that they really liked having a card that was a bit different than the rest. This made me want to design a whole range of modern day love cards.”

And that’s what she did, basing her card series on her own experience being in a long-term relationship.

“Modern day love is texting mainly about being low on milk and bread.”

“I wanted to create a funny series of cards that show love not in the traditional sense, but within a modern day relationship,” Dawson said.

The cards, which were especially popular around Valentine’s Day, are available on Etsy.

“Modern day love is saying that you will make dinner.”

“My favorite card says ‘modern day love is saying that you will make dinner,’ as I seem to never know what to make for dinner these days and always cook the same things again and again,” Dawson said. “When my other half offers to cook, it makes me so happy that I don’t have to do it for the evening. As he works too, I know this shows that he loves me because he probably doesn’t feel like cooking either.”

Check out more of Dawson’s modern love cards below:

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This High School Student Is Helping Her Peers Embrace Their Black Identity

Hadiyah Collins grew up with a complicated relationship to her curly tresses and cocoa-brown skin. But now, as a senior in high school, she has fully embraced her black identity and is helping her peers to do the same. 

Collins was brought up in a predominantly white San Francisco neighborhood, where she was teased for looking different. 

“I got made fun of because of my hair, because it wasn’t straight,” she told HuffPost Rise. “I didn’t like my skin tone. I didn’t like my hair. It was just them putting me outside of the box and making me feel like an outsider.”

But Collins’ mother, who passed away unexpectedly in 2005, was the ally she needed and encouraged her to embrace her blackness. 

“She was always throwing knowledge at us, throwing books at us,” Collins said. “She would just talk to me and tell me, ‘your black is beautiful,’ and I’ve grown up to know that. It’s just a part of me, and who I am.” 

Now Collins is passing on her mother’s inspiring words to the rest of the black student body at San Francisco’s Academy of Arts and Sciences High School. As a senior, she reopened her school’s Black Student Union. Through the BSU, she helps black students understand their history and identity — subjects rarely covered in their school curriculum. 

“As young black students speaking about these problems, I just want people to be more awake and aware and realize that there are things we can do as a community to change them,” she said. 

Learn more about Hadiyah’s story in the video above and check out The Future Project here

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It Is Way More Expensive To Be My Girlfriend Than It Is To Be Me

Just for fun, I pretended to be my girlfriend for a month. I am now broke.

My girlfriend, Jessica, is not who you’d classify as a high-maintenance person or a “pinkies-out” girl. (I mean, she’s obviously a princess and not a slob at all and I love you, girlfriend.) But she’s no cupcake.

She’s an editor at BuzzFeed who works really hard and rarely treats herself, so when my editor asked if I would like to pretend to be Jessica and buy all of the bathroom things that she buys in a month, I, in my ignorant man head, thought it would be close to my own experience, except maybe more tampons.

After all, we are now in an enlightened post-lumbersexual era. It is a time when Old Spice has Smellcomed us to Manhood, and it’s “OK for guys to take care of themselves,” as the public radio show “Marketplace” puts it. With my own eye cream, face lotion and beard balm regimens, I thought, “I probably buy the same stuff that Jess does anyway.” (We share the beard balm.)

Through this experiment, I learned something that everyone else in the world knew decades ago: Hot damn, it’s expensive to be a woman.

James Cave
Jessica and James wear Jessica’s makeup.

By our unscientific experiment, it’s nearly 50 percent more expensive to be Jessica, a normal woman in the United States, than it is to be James, a pretentious perma-groomed city twerp. 

Still, even if you take the makeup, lotions and loofahs out of it, my girlfriend will always have to spend more on herself, just on necessities — housewarming gifts for her monthly visitor, for example — because nothing visits me every month.

Even though I’m totally broke until Friday, a few positive accidents came out of this: Jessica now has a replenished medicine cabinet, and I have a grocery list of her favorite things that I can use to cheat and surprise her with pre-approved gifts that I know she’ll use.

Here’s how we stacked up:

Total Cost Of Things Girlfriend Buys: $326.68

  • Amazon

    Olay Regenerist Daily Thermal Mini Peel ($37.94, Amazon)
  • Clinique

    Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector ($41, Clinique)
  • Clinique

    Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector ($49.50, Clinique)
  • Olay

    Olay Total Effects Anti-Aging Moisturizer ($21.99, Olay)
  • Jergens

    Ultra Healing Extra Dry Skin Moisturizer ($7.99, Target)
  • Tarte Cosmetics

    Lights, Camera, Flashes Statement Mascara ($23, tarte)
  • Revlon

    Revlon PhotoReady Concealer ($8.99, Target)
  • Revlon

    Revlon Colorstay Aqua Mineral Makeup- Medium/Deep ($12.99, Target)
  • Revlon

    Revlon Powder Blush ($8.99, Target)
  • Got 2B

    Smooth Operator Smoothing Lustre Lotion ($6.49, Ulta)
  • L’Oreal

    Elnett Satin Extra Strong Hold UV Hair Spray ($14.99, Ulta)
  • Smith’s

    Rosebud Perfume Co.Rosebud Salve in a Tube ($6, Sephora)
  • Olay

    Olay Daily Exfoliating Body Wash ($6.49, Olay)
  • Amazon

    NIVEA In-Shower Nourishing Body Lotion for Very Dry Skin ($5.18, Amazon)
  • Amazon

    St.Ives Apricot Scrub, Blemish Control ($3.50, Amazon)
  • Amazon

    Crest 3D White Luxe Glamorous White Vibrant Mint Flavor Whitening Toothpaste ($7.06, Amazon)
  • Amazon

    Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser ($8.38, Amazon)
  • Amazon

    Alcon Clear Care with Lens Case ($15.16, Amazon)
  • Tampax

    Tampax Pearl Tampons ($9.49, Drugstore)
  • Drugstore

    Gillette Fusion ProGlide Silvertouch Razor ($9.99, Drugstore)
  • Amazon

    Loofahs ($11.99, Amazon)
  • Amazon

    Q-tips ($2.69, Amazon)
  • Amazon

    Opti-Free Puremoist Rewetting Drops ($6.88, Amazon)
  • And Here Is The Total Cost Of Things I Buy: $152.46

    • Closed On Monday

      Beard Balm ($18.27, Closed On Monday)
    • Amazon

      AXE White Label Dry Spray Antiperspirant, Forest ($4.93, Amazon)
    • Amazon

      skyn ICELAND Icelandic Relief Eye Cream ($44, Amazon)
    • Amazon

      Crest 3D White Radiant Mint Flavor Whitening Toothpaste ($8, Amazon)
    • Baxter of California

      Vitamin Cleansing Bar ($17, Baxter of California)
    • Amazon

      Garnier Fructis Style Surfer Hair Power Putty ($9, Amazon)
    • Amazon

      Dove Men+Care 2 in 1 Shampoo ($3.77, Amazon)
    • Amazon

      Lab Series Max LS AS Light Moisture Lotion ($47.49, Amazon)
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Why The Kardashians’ Hair Stylist Is Working With A Vacuum Brand

Chances are you associate Dyson, a company widely known for its innovative line of vacuum cleaners, with making your home look good. Now, it wants to help make you look good, too.

The brand announced an unexpected new partnership Wednesday with celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin for the launch of its newest product, the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer


Four years and a whopping $71 million investment went into creating the product, the company says. The Dyson Supersonic claims speedy drying time, less damage to hair through the use of “intelligent heat technology” and controlled air flow. The downright cool-looking dryer also comes with three different attachments: a smoothing nozzle, styling concentrator and diffuser. 


Atkin, who serves as brand ambassador of the product, recently launched her own line of hair products and is trusted by some of the most famous heads of hair on Snapchat. In a statement given to HuffPost, she explained why the partnership seemed a good fit.

“Dyson is such a trustworthy brand, I know that anything they create will be a game changer, so before I even knew anything about it, I knew this dryer would be great. Plus the aesthetic is so gorgeous. $71 million in innovation is enough for me,” she said.


But before you throw away all your current hair products in pursuit of this magical looking tool, be forewarned, it will cost you. The regular version of the dryer sells for $399.99, with a special edition option priced at $449.99. (The latter comes with a hand-finished leather box, if that helps.)

Still, the technology, the promised shortened dry time and the fact that every celebrity will likely soon have one are tempting enough reasons to start saving up for the dryer, which will launch exclusively at Sephora and on Though pre-sales are currently on at, the product won’t ship until September 2016. 

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