Dermalight 80 UV Comb – Psoriasis UVB UV Light Therapy Treatment-Medically Certified

Psoriasis is a non-contagious skin disease. Because of a rapid build-up of skin cells, the skin tends to have flaky patches. As a result, this can leave the skin dry. Furthermore, the risks of having a bleeding skin are increased with psoriasis. The Dermalight 80 UVB comb is a light therapy device that uses advanced German technology. Therefore, the Dermalight 80 is effective for the treatment of psoriasis.The Dermalight 80 comes with a comb attachment that has smooth round bristles. First of all, this helps to removes scalp psoriasis more easily. Secondly, the Dermalight 80 can also cover a wider area of your body. Therefore, it leads to a better psoriasis treatment. In addition, the Dermalight 80 is portable. Therefore, it is also perfect for home use. The Dermalight 80 comes with the UVB comb and its attachment, UV protective goggles and an LCD timer. Finally, it also comes with a 4 year warranty.

Product Features

  • Easy to handle , Weight- approximately 300 g
  • Ideal for psoriasis treatment at home, 4 Year Warranty
  • German Technology, Light-guiding, round comb attachment for a gentle treatment of the scalp
  • Therapy Surface: 110 x 40 mm, UV-B / 311 nm narrowband, Dimensions: (LxWxH) 300 x 60 x 45mm, Medically Certified Device
  • Comes with EU PLUG

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Baby Goat Hair Brush and Comb Set for Newborns & Toddlers | Eco-Friendly Safe Brush | Natural Wooden Comb | Soft Bristles for Cradle Cap

The baby hair brush and comb is not only beautiful but incredibly perfect for baby’s head because it is so soft and gentle. It provides parents with essential items needed to care for your infant hair. This high quality set is designed for newborn’s delicate little head.It is great Baby Shower and Registry Gift for a mom! Don’t hesitate to add it to your cart.


Measurement: Hair brush:15cm*4.2cm; hair comb:14cm*3.8cm.

Eco-Friendly Soft Brush and Natural Wooden Comb

Prevent static

Odorless,non-toxic,safe for baby

Soft brush bristles for baby’s sensitive scalp

Smooth comb teeth for use with thick/thin or wet/dry hair

Wooden handle designed to hold easily and comfortably for both parent and child

Keep hair soft and smooth

Relieve head scalp and remove the cradle cap

Package include: 1*Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set

Product Features

  • [ Relax Baby Head Skin and Soft Massage ] The brush bristles are so soft that your honey could enjoy massage as an indulgent spa treatment.Even baby take it to brush their face,it still make them feel soft and not mind one bit.
  • [ Prevent Cradle Cap ] The soft bristle brush help gently loosen baby head skin when washing their hair and nursing to release natural oils to get rid of cradle cap.
  • [ Safe for Baby ]The specialize baby brush is made of soft goat hair and tea wood,which is hypoallergenic,BPA free,a beauty and safety item.
  • [ Keep Boy and Girl Hair Smooth ]The tea wood comb is cooperate with the brush to keep your boy and girl neat and tangle free,which is incredible high quality,made with care,and a great value craftsmanship.Therefore taking great personal appearance is fixing their hair by this adorable comb set.
  • [ Perfect Gift ] This brush and comb set is a must have for any new mommy.It would make an absolutely perfect baby shower gift as those baby care kits don’t have grooming set!

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Careshine Electronic Hair Scalp Cleansing Relax Head Massager Brush Vibrating Comb Hair Care Anti Hair Loss Massage Vibrating Brush for Dry Damaged Hair,Men, Women, Kids

❤ Product Feature:
✔ Help you relieve headache and daily stress.
✔ Clean the collection of shampoo residue.
✔ Improve the blood circulation of scalp.
✔ Promote the growth of hair.
✔ Help to remove dirt and dandruff.
✔ Healpful for your healthy shiny hair.
✔ Gently remove away dead skin cells.
✔ Improve your sleep Quality.
✔ Release tension spots in the shoulders and neck.
✔ Relieve daily working stress.
✔ Can be used as the meridian massage comb when you’re watching TV or lying down to rest.
✔ No harmful substances won’t harm your skin. For leg massage has a very good effect.
✔ To achieve drainage swelling, Cellulite, clear the lymph, detoxification.

❤ After shampooing:
✔ Switch on it and start moving slowly on the hair for 5-6 minutes, massage your scalp and relieve your tension.
✔ Warm tip: Please keep the brush moving up and down. Don’t move in a circle, so as not to twist the hair into a mass.
✔ If you use it in the shower,please don’t place it under running water and put it completely into the water.
✔ After use, please open the battery cover, wipe with a dry cloth to prevent rust.

❤ Include:
✔ 1x Head Massager Brush
✔ 1x Power line

Product Features

  • ♥ High Quality – The use of soft materials, brush, use a sense than professional hairdresser’s hand washing is more comfortable, The electric scalp massager is for hair growth and blood circulation. Clean dirtiness and shampoo residue on your hair without scratching and damaging your scalp. The soft silicone head massager reduces the imitate scratching to scalp.
  • ♥ Relieve Fatigue – Stimulate the head acupuncture points, clear the head of the meridians and collaterals, improve sleep quality, improve memory, avoid nervous breakdown.
  • ♥ Powerful Cleaning Function – This section head massage comb can deep clean the scalp, effectively remove dandruff, scalp pomade, prevent dry hair, make the hair black, beautiful. This hair massaging machine removes more shampoo residue and makes your hair refreshed. Prevent some collection of shampoo or other hair treatments residue.
  • ♥ Easy to Carry – The electric washing brush “wire” design, even carry out is very convenient. This massager is portable and small enough for you to take it anywhere.
  • ♥ Wonderful Gift – Suitable for all types of hair. Great for your family, friends. Start a comfortable home SPA experience with the scalp massager and take good care for your healthy hair growth.

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Fine Tooth Metal Nit Hair Comb High Quality Plastic Handle Detect Remove Nitty Gritty Head Lice Eggs Scalp Protection

This fine toothed nit comb is perfect for identifying and removing head lice and lice eggs from your children’s hair. Featuring an easy to hold ergonomic handle with extra dense teeth that have rounded edges to prevent a scalp injury, this nit comb is suitable for all hair types and can be used on wet or dry hair.


  • Quality Fine Toothed Nit Lice Comb / Lice Eggs Removal Comb
  • Good quality handle
  • Extra dense teeth
  • The teeth have round edges to prevent any scalp injury
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Use on wet or dry hair



Length: 15cm


Package Content

1 x Fine Toothed Nit Head Lice Comb


Product Features

  • Quality Fine Toothed Nit Lice Comb / Lice Eggs Removal Comb
  • Good quality handle
  • Extra dense teeth
  • The teeth have round edges to prevent any scalp injury
  • Suitable for all hair types

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Lee Stafford My BiG FAT Party HAir Brush KiT – Just What You Need to Get Ready for a Great Night Out – 9 Piece Set Includes Hair Clips, Teaser Comb, Hairspray, Shampoo, and Ceramic Styling Brush

Lee Stafford’s “My BiG FAT Party HAir Brush KiT” is Just What You Need to Get Ready for a Great Night Out!

This complete, all-in-one hair brush kit has everything you need to create cute styles for a great night out! This 9 piece set includes professional level styling tools to help you get the look you want.

Ceramic Barrel Styling Brush – The radial 40mm ceramic barrel brush is perfect for curling or straightening your hair without pulling, tangling, or damaging your hair.

Anti-Static Teaser Comb – Has metal prongs to maximise the volume of your hair without creating annoying static.

Anti-Static Backcombing Comb – Has natural grip and helps you easily create lift in your hair for quick and easy hairstyles.

Original Dry Shampoo – Instantly revives your hair between washes! Formulated with super absorbent, fine powder to give you BiG, clean HAiR without leaving any residue! Perfect for when your hair needs washing and there just isn’t the time or your hair looks great but it’s let down by horrible oily roots.

Hold Tight Hairspray – Holds your hair in whatever position you want. Hold Tight does exactly what it says on the can AND it banishes the stiffness you’re normally left with from other sprays. So use it to get a lasting hold, and leave your hair feeling as good as it looks.

Four Sectioning Hair Clips – Comes with four sectioning hair clips to help you hold your hair in place.

Lee Stafford’s “My BiG FAT Party HAir Brush KiT” Makes a Great Gift!

This kit makes the perfect gift for the “hair addict” in your life. It has professional quality styling tools and comes with everything needed to create cute hairstyles and get ready for a great night out!

1 Year Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied for any reason within 1 year from the purchase date, simply contact us here on Amazon for a refund.

Product Features

  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED – The Lee Stafford 9 piece set has everything you need to get ready for a great night out!
  • THE BEST BARREL BRUSH – Includes radial 40mm ceramic barrel styling brush, perfect for curling, straightening, and styling your hair with ease.
  • TEASE AND STYLE YOUR HAIR – Anti-static teaser comb with metal prongs helps you maximise volume while the anti-static backcombing comb helps you create lift.
  • PROFESSIONAL SHAMPOO & HAIRSPRAY – Your BiG FAT Party HAir Brush KiT comes with dry shampoo that instantly revives hair between washes and firm hold hairspray to lock your style in place!
  • MAKES A GREAT GIFT – The Lee Stafford hair brush kit is the perfect gift for the “hair addict” in your life.

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Ocathnon Automatic Hair Straightener Brush Hairdressing Hair Care Straight & Smooth Ceramic Straightening Brush Not Hurt Straight Hair Comb Hair Instant Magic Silky Straight Hair Styling, Anion Hair Care, Massage Straightening Irons, Detangling Hair Brush UK Plug Red &Black Color

This hair straightener brush is designed for easy hair caring. It is a adventurous combination for hair straightener and combs. This hairbrush for straightening hair leaves your hair silky, straight and smooth from the very first stroke. It’s heat up to 365℃ in a minute, max 450℃, auto keep constant temperature at 365℃, your hair will be basically settled in 8-10 seconds. It emits rich negative ions while working, to moisturizing and hydrating care your hair, helps straighten hair instantly while leaving behind a healthy shine.

Temperature setting guide: Press the “+” “-” buttons simultaneously to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit.
• Thicker and curls hair: 410~446 ℉ (210~230 ℃)
• Common hair: 374~410 ℉ (190~210 ℃)
• Thin and soft hair: 338~392 ℉ (170~200 ℃)

How to lock the temperature?
Once you power on the brush (hold the power button for three seconds), you can press it again after you have selected the desired temperature, and the display will show “loc”.

1.Keep your hair dry before using.
2.Insert the plug into the socket properly and long Press 3 Seconds to turn it on.
3.Adjust and wait till it reach the target temperature.
4.Use hair styling lotion and softener lotion before hair straightening if you want to keep it lasting longer.
5.Long Press 3 Seconds to Turn Off.

Safety Precautions:
1. Do not allow children below 14 years old use this product alone .
2. Do not use this product to beat or drop it from upper air; please do not use it again if it is damaged after collision.
3. Do not transform, disassemble, and repair this product.
4. Make sure the machine is turned off after using, pull out plug and cool down.
5. Stick on detergent cleaning up with a cloth, and pack up when it’s dry.

Product Features

  • 3 in 1 function: Ceramic Iron Straightener + Detangling Brush + Anion Hair Massager. Anti-static, anti-scald and anti-hair broken, making hair follicle of scalp more healthful and bright and elasticity with hair.
  • Temperature: Max 450℃, auto keep constant temperature at 365℃ for all types of hair, customized set 410℃ for natural texture hair, 450¡æ for thick or wavy hair, effortless and efficient straightening styling.
  • UK safety plug, short-Circuit protection, leakage protection, auto shut-off protection if don’t in use for 60 minutes. Dual voltage operation support: 220V-230V.
  • Please check if you turn on the red power button on the safety plug, and the power button by the side of the brush. When power is on, the temperature will be displayed on the LED screen.
  • Save Money, time, straight hair soon straightening brush :NOW YOU CAN HAVE THE PERFECT LOOKING STRAIGHT HAIR you have always wanted everyday without wasting your precious time. Give your hair instant magic silky styling in a few minutes!

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Garcoo Sandalwood Handmade Hair Comb with Handle | Anti-Static Detangling Natural Aroma | Large Premium Wooden Comb for Hair Care

Sandalwood Comb Benefits

Help your hair to stay strong and healthy whilst keeping it free from tangles with the Garcoo Sandalwood Hair Comb With Handle. Handmade by artisans through more than 30 production stages, this comb is perfect for combing short or long, thin or thick hair, whether it is wet or dry, ideal for daily or professional use.

Polished to remove imperfections, the comb is kind to your hair and helps to prevent damage. With wide, burr-free teeth, the comb glides effortlessly through your hair to leave it smooth and soft, without causing tears or splits. A wonderful multi-tasker, it also promotes hair growth, so you can say hello to locks that exude vitality.

Protects the hair from splitting and tearing

Locks stay healthier and grow longer

Hand made by professionals

Durable for decades

Suitable for all hair types, the comb is lightweight and can be carried in your handbag to treat your hair troubles on the go. Expect tangle-free, frizz-free, super sleek hair

Directions of Use

Glide the comb through wet or dry hair.

Keep away from fire.

Can be used for wet, damp or dry hair. Can be washed by water.

Product Features

  • Handmade for All Hair Textures: Our sandalwood comb is 100% hand crafted with tender care. 100% pure sandalwood is good for health.
  • Smooth Teeth Design: Evenly spaced teeth eliminate tough knots whilst massaging the scalp to stimulate circulation at the follicle for healthier, shinier hair. It will relieve pressure, headaches, baldness and loss of hair.
  • Natural Aroma: Unlike other normal wood or plastic comb, 100% sandalwood retain their distinctive fragrance for decades, which calms the mind, soothes stress and nervous tension.
  • Cut from Whole Natural Wood & Sleek Design: Unlike other combs made from pressed, splicing or glued wood, our comb are cut from whole natural sandalwood with sleek design and fine grains. Solid handle for greater control and protecting hand & wrist when detangling wet, thick or long hair.
  • No Snags, No Tangle, Anti-Static: Say goodbye to fluffy, frizzy or messy hair!

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MXXYY Air Cushion Large Wooden Combs Scalp Massage Combs Airbag Curls Comb Hairdressing Cosmetic Comb Anti – static

Product Features

  • Size: 21*3cm
  • Material: resin
  • Bi-color bead head, 45-degree angle layered osmosis clean and nourish hair, smooth, round and massage the scalp, not static;
  • Design, uniform heat quickly, reaching to the root, fast-blow-dry and wet hair;
  • Delicate surface smooth, use paint made appearance after polishing treatment, holding up feel good, stick in your Palm; handle sleek design, allowing you to comfort grip, and skidproof;

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DROK® New 3rd Pro Electric PTC Ceramic Heating Hair Straightener with Anion Hair Care, Anti Static Anti Frizz Instant Hair Straightening Ionic Comb, Anti Scalded Detangling Hot Air Brush with Scalp Head Massager for Hair Styling (Red)

Product Features

  • Neatly well-proportioned rows of ceramic teeth greatly help you to get your hair straight quick and simple, just one-tenth of time that you would spend on the ordinary flat irons. Ceramic coating teeth prevent frizz and doesn’t dry hair. Silicon bristle tips gently work on the scalp and don’t scratch or burn it. They also massage the head and improve blood circulation and hair growth on the whole.
  • Anion Generator gives you the best hair care while straightening your hair—- ionizing your hair more shinier, protecting your hair from heat, reducing any possible harm of regular hair styling. Keep your hair healthy, save time and say goodbye to frizz and bad hair days.
  • Temperature setting range allows adjusting to different hair types with higher efficiency, and a temp locking for steadily constant PTC heating. Celsius–Fahrenheit conversion function right for people living in different regions. A LCD screen will show you the set temperature, thereby minimizing the risk of hair damage.
  • Safer & Cozier: made from the premium heat-resisting engineering plastic for the shell, offering you a more safely effective anti-scald protection, covered with the rubber paint, it also gives a pleasant tender smooth handle feeling. This one has an auto shut-off function and will turn off automatically after 30 minutes of being not in use.
  • Small figure &light weight, easy for you to handle and not feeling tired, dual voltage 110V-240VAC portable in your bag to carry around worldwide.

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Purest Naturals Chrome Plated Detangling Hair Brush Set – Premium Wet Shower Comb For Women, Men, Girls & Boys – Detangles Knots Easily (Gold)

The Wonder Has A Name: Purest Naturals Chrome Plated Detangling Hair Brush

Would you like to replace your regular, no good hair brush with a truly effective, professional quality detangling comb that is used in the best beauty salons around the world?

Save yourself time and money and invest in the highest quality hair brush available in the market today.

This incredible detangler comb is perfect for all types of hair.

The Ultimate Hair Problem Solver

Are you tired of trying to detangle those nasty knots after every shower? Or do you struggle with dry, unmanageable hair that always looks damaged?

Purest Naturals Detangling Hair Brush to the Rescue!

This amazing, professional detangling hair comb, works perfectly on wet and dry hair alike, detangles knots in just seconds, minimizes split ends, and has a volumizing effect.

Completely pain free, this effective hair brush is great for kids as well.

Choose Your Own Style

This innovative, professional detangling hair brush is available in unique and stylish variations, perfect for women, men, girls and boys:

Rose Gold



Starting today, you can choose your very own style and update your hair care routine.

Experience the Top No-Tangle, No-Split Ends Brush and Enjoy Gorgeous, Lush Hair Today

Grab Your Own Chrome Plated Detangling Hair Brush Right Now

Click Add to Cart Now Before We Run Out of Supplies

Product Features

  • » SAY GOODBYE TO YOUR OLD HAIR BRUSH: This new, amazing, PROFESSIONAL chrome plated detangling hair brush will make you forget about all your hair problems. No more TANGLING, no more nasty HAIR KNOTS after every shower, no more SPLIT ENDS. The best ever, detangler comb is here to revolutionize your hair care routine. Starting today, you can enjoy healthy, shiny, soft and luscious hair in a whiz.
  • » INNOVATIVE DESIGN TRUSTED BY PROFESSIONALS: Purest Naturals’ Detangling Hair Brush is specially designed to address the problems of difficult, dry and tangling hair and is recommended by top hair care professionals all around the world. Perfect for ALL HAIR TYPES, this amazing, NO-KNOTS, TANGLE-FREE hair comb can be used on straight, curly, fine, long or damaged hair with exceptional results.
  • » PREVENT HAIR LOSS: Forget about your old hair brushes that used to rip your hair out. This unique, professional detangling hair brush smoothly glides through your hair and has the ability to SOFTLY DETANGLE EVERY KNOT, even on WET or SUPER DRY hair, without ripping it out. Check this amazing brush yourself and see, there will be no hair left on the comb after you’ve finished brushing.
  • » KID FRIENDLY: Completely pain free, kids totally love this incredible, detangling hair comb, that allows for a nice, soft brushing experience. No more yanking and crying every time you’re getting ready to go out. PERFECT for both GIRLS and BOYS, your kids are going to be thankful for this thoughtful gift, and you will finally have peace of mind.
  • » 3 STYLISH COLOR VARIATIONS: Available in 3 different color variations, you can now choose your very own, unique color combination: Rose Gold, Silver, & Gold. Perfect for women, men and kids alike.

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