Organic Lavender Essential Oil (Bulgaria) – 100% Pure, Undiluted, Natural & Therapeutic Grade For Aromatherapy Diffuser, Health Skin and Relaxtion – 10ml – Gya Labs


Evoking serenity, deeply relaxing with potent healing properties. The magical view of hues of purple, indigo and whites of the luxuriant lavender fields in Bulgaria yield the calming rich oil full of detoxifying properties that is the excellent stress reliever of lavender that helps keep infection at bay. Coveted traditionally for over a millenia, lavender is one of the most versatile and popular herbs and scents in the world, and it is most known for its relaxing effects on the body, mind and spirit.

Kick back and enjoy the healing scents of the concentrated and natural Gya LabsTM Lavender Essential Oil today.


● For an aura of freshness and peaceful vitality, diffuse in a Gya LabsTM Tabletop Diffuser and allow the fragrance to permeate your space.

● For smooth, beautiful complexion, some lavender soothes and purifies the skin as you say goodbye to embarrassing acne.

● Reward yourself with a memorable yet hypnotic massage with the scents of lavender. Relieve body and muscle aches and enhance your circulation in a deeply sensual experience.

● Desire moist, supple hair? Lavender helps calm an irritated scalp and retains moisture in your hair and combat dandruff.

● Relish the magic of a warm, satisfying and relaxing bath experience? Try using lavender with bath salts for a luxurious, aromatic bath experience, leaving you refreshed.

● Experience the heavenly scent that evokes deep calmness in you. One of the most popular scents, lavender is a natural perfume and non-toxic air freshener. Also, try the same method on your bed sheets, pillow, in the bathroom or on your bath towels.

Product Features

  • Botanical Name: Lavandula angustifolia
  • Our Guarantee: If you are not TOTALLY satisified with our product, receive a FULL REFUND from us, no questions asked.
  • Quality: 100% PURE & THERAPEUTIC – undiluted, no fillers, bases or additives. Distillation facility is GMP, ISO9001 & FDA registered.
  • Benefits & Uses: SCALP use with shampoo as a natural line of defense or treatment against dandruff. BODY use as part of your skincare regime as Lavender E.O. helps soothe and nourish dry skin. RELAXATION diffuse with a Gya Labs table top diffuser as the aroma unwinds and relax your mind.
  • Gya Labs is SUPERIOR as it only offers the finest grade of essential oils for blending and pairing including: Bay Leaf, Bergamot, Cedarwood, Cinnamon Bark, Citronella, Clove Bud, Eucalyptus, Frankincense, Ginger, Lemon, Lime, Lemongrass, Neroli, Patchouli, Peppermint, Petitgrain, Pine Needles, Rose Geranium, Rosemary, Sweet Orange, Tea Tree, Thyme, Ylang Ylang.

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Exelixis Deep Conditioning Hair Mask – Power Mask for Dry Damaged Hair, Coloured Hair, Dry Scalp, Hair Loss & Hair Strengthening 250ml Suitable for all hair types – Hair Health Mask

Exelixis Power Hair Mask is not a simple deep conditioning hair mask & cannot be compared to any other simple commercial hair products. It provides dynamic care to the hair & scalp. It provides intensive hair strengthening & restructuring to hair from root to tip. It gives volume and shine to the hair, leaving it shiny, silky, soft & manageable. Exelixis Power Mask is not a simple hair mask, it is a special cosmetic that guarantees strength, health and beauty to your hair & scalp from the very first application. Also contains active ingredients of natures finest oils and nutrients to help stop hair loss. Contains our most important ingredient Masticha Chios which has amazing regenerative & healing agents for the scalp. A must have product for healthy hair, best used with Exesio Hair Care System. Its composition is based on activated micro-nutrients from laurel oil, avocado oil, mulberry tree, balsamic oil, coconut oil, olive oil and masticha oil, gives the world’s first unique effects of reconstruction, nourishment, regeneration and hair restoration visible from the 1st time of application. Effective for vital hair loss, greasy, dry skin, dull hair, and scalp damage.

Product Features

  • Exelixis Deep Conditioning Hair Mask moisturises & protects the hair & scalp with the power of natures finest extracts
  • Repairs damaged hair, that has suffered from UV rays, constant heat treatment from salons or home and colour treatments.
  • It is an Intensive Empowerment & Restructuring Hair Mask – Strengthens hair from root to tip, repairs scalp and damaged hair follicles.
  • Helps stop hair loss and promotes healthy hair growth & healthy scalp
  • The dynamic care of Exelixis Power Mask from Exesio, provides intensive strengthening & restructuring to the hair from root to tip. Gives volume & shine to hair, leaving it shiny, silky, soft & manageable. It is not a simple hair mask & any cannot be compared to any simple hair mask. It is a special cosmetic that guarantees strength, health & beauty to the hair from the very first application

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Exesio Shampoo/Hair Tonic for Hair Loss, for thinning hair, promotes hair growth 280ml. Natural extracts including avocado, restores health & beauty in your hair. Hair loss treatment for Men & Women. Suitable for all hair types

Powerful Hair Tonic Exesio is not a simple shampoo & cannot be compared with any simple commercial shampoo. Has Immediate effects on weak/damaged hair Stops oiliness/sebum build up on scalp. Highly effective hair strengthening formula. Guaranteed to ensure health & beauty in your hair. A natural product based on botanical extracts Certified by the Organization For Medicines (EOF) Scientifically/clinically tested by the university of Dermatology Clinic Hospital “Evangelismos” of Athens. Exesio has immediate beneficial effect on the hair. After 6-10 applications it stops hair loss, regulates hair grease, eliminates sebum and makes hair more upright and strong. In about 45 days of methodical use (every two days) gives the first signs of hair growth. Benefits of using Exesio are certified by a formal clinical study of Dermatology Department of Evangelismos hospital. Exesio has natural results, i.e. in harmony with the skin. It gives the ability  to the skin to shed and be thoroughly cleaned of sebum, oiliness, hormone and other residues that accumulate in the pores of the skin and create impairment. In skins which are unable to excrete injurious substances, there is an accumulating effect over time that creates atrophy and hair loss. With Exesio happens the exact opposite. Not only the skin is relieved of anything that disturbs and hinders its proper function, but also accumulates the structural elements that the hair directly use for proper growth. Thus unnecessary elements are eliminated, i.e sebum, oiliness, hormones residues (testosterone for men) and other substances that have a polluting effect on the skin. At the same time the circulation of capillary plexus is enhanced, which is responsible for nourishing the hair roots and finally substances are provided to the hair in order to be properly constructed. The perfectly balanced and combined effect of Exesio  on the hair scalp makes it valuable to the health and growth of hair.

Product Features

  • Immediate effects on weak/damaged hair Stops oiliness/sebum build up on scalp.
  • Highly effective hair strengthening formula. Increases blood circulation to the follicles & repairs scalp damage
  • Clinically tested & proven – VIEW THE CERTIFICATE with alopecia sufferers
  • Stops hair loss, grow longer, thicker, healthier hair. – Free Of: Parabens, Silicones, Mineral Oil, Propylene Glycol, Ethanolamines, Colorants, Phthalates, Polycyclic & Nitromusks
  • Only Hair tonic WORLDWIDE with these key botanical extracts. Has been made in the form of a shampoo for easy application – The packaging is in English & Greek – will soon be all in English

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Silicon Mix Proteina de Perla (Pearl’s Protein) 60oz [Health and Beauty]

Silicon Mix Proteina Treatment de Perla contains Pearl Extract, keratins and silicones. This formula repairs and nourishes the hair hereby giving it a lustrous, vital and smooth look. The PEARL EXTACT which makes this hair treatment unique is a natural marine product which rejuvenates and fortifies the hair. It creates a lustrous finish, avoiding frizz and creating healthy looking hair. •PEARL EXTRACT to avoid frizz •Well-balanced formula revitalizing and softening hair •Natural ingredients for healthy hair

Product Features

  • Sili

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Witch Hazel: A Cheap, Simple Cosmetic Worth Its Weight In Gold

When it comes to stocking my medicine cabinet, I like to stick with the basics. The older I get, the less interest I have in expensive, complicated beauty products that only have one function.

Why should I spend money on a million lotions and potions when I can get the same effects from just a handful of simple products intended for multiple purposes?

Thats why, lately, Im ditching the piles of cosmetics in my life, and switching to just a few medicine cabinet staples that are endlessly useful, like coconut oil for cleaning teeth and banishing wrinkles!

The latest item to join my carefully curated collection is an ordinary bottle of witch hazel extract, which is a cheap and effective way to treat a whole variety of run-of-the-mill ailments and blemishes.

Scroll through the gallery below to learn more about this all-natural tonic, and what it can do for your skin, body, and overall health!


What Is Witch Hazel Extract?


Cline Haeberly/Heeral Chhibber for LittleThings

Witch hazel is a flowering shrub with pretty yellow flowers that crop up in lots of gardens.

The clear liquid you buy at the pharmacy is actually the extract, which is made from the bark and leaves of the shrub.

It’san astringent that is rich in tannins, which means it encourages the skin to contract, helping with a variety of simple medical and beauty needs.

But, witch hazel can help more than just your skin. Scroll through its many amazing uses below, then let us know in the comments how you use witch hazel!

Use #1: Dandruff


Cline Haeberly/Heeral Chhibber for LittleThings

Dandruff is an itchy, unsightly condition in which you get flaking of the skin on your scalp.

Depending on your hair type and dandruff, witch hazel could be the perfect way to tackle the ailment.

People with dry, brittle hair should avoid witch hazel, which can have drying properties, but if you have oily hair, this is an excellent way to remove excess skin and oil from the hair before shampooing.

Use #2: Messy Makeup


Cline Haeberly/Heeral Chhibber for LittleThings

If you wear makeup, you already know that it’s important to remove it all before you head to bed at night.

That can be easier said than done with sticky, resistant makeups like mascara and lipstick.

The astringent properties inwitch hazel can grab onto stubbornmakeup residue to make sure you’re fresh as a dewdrop for bedtime!

Use #3: Itchy Spots


Witch hazel, like fellow astringent calamine, can work miracles when it comes to itchy and irritating skin conditions.

If you’re suffering from something like chicken pox or eczema, blending witch hazel with something like aloe may be very soothing and able to provide relief from the itching.

According toMercola, it should also help encourage sores to close and heal.

With bug bites, it works the same way, but with an added benefit: applying itbefore you’re bit can discourage blood-thirsty pests.

Use #4: Smudged Glasses


Cline Haeberly/Heeral Chhibber for LittleThings

I was once chewing gum and blew a bubble that popped onto my glasses, and witch hazel was the only thingthat worked to get rid of the sticky film.

In addition to more unusual situations, it’s incredibly effective at clearing up everyday smudges without leaving streaks behind.

Soap and ordinary water leave marks behind, and a microfiber clothdoesn’t always cut it these are situations that call for a splash of witch hazel.

Use #5: Scrapes And Scratches


Remember getting a skinned knee as a kid and having mom pour something on it that stung? There’s a good chance that was witch hazel.

Witch hazel is often used in conjunction with antiseptics like alcohol to clean minor abrasions.

Despite the initial sting, itcan almost instantly relieve the pain of a cut or scrape, and it encourages your skin to contract, which helps slowbleeding, according to WebMD, and jumpstarts the healing process.

Use #6: Tarnished Jewelry


Cline Haeberly/Heeral Chhibber for LittleThings

Most of my jewelry is silver and I feel like I’m always dealing with tarnish.

Witch hazel is a great, simple way to touch up your jewelry when it starts to show its wear and tear.

While you should avoid using it on plated jewelry and soft stones like opal, it’s great for solid silver or bronze items that need a little bit of shine.

Use #7: Puffy Eyes


Cline Haeberly/Heeral Chhibber for LittleThings

As an astringent, witch hazel is great at causing the skin to contract.

It may sound a bit funny, but this can work wonders for puffy, inflamed eyes after a bad night’s sleep.

The astringent properties will encourage inflammation and swelling to go down, leaving the skin around your eyes smooth and bright!

If you loved learning a bit about what witch hazel can do for you, make sure toSHARE this awesome info with friends and family!

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Nature Made vitamins recalled due to possible contamination

(CNN)Several types of Nature Made vitamins are being recalled due to possible salmonella or Staphylococcus aureus contamination, according to a Tuesday announcement from Pharmavite LLC.

The following products are being recalled:
    • Nature Made Adult Gummies Multi, lot numbers 1196066, 1196071, 1205052
    • Nature Made Adult Gummies Multi + Omega-3, lot numbers 1173600
    • Nature Made Adult Gummies Multi for Her plus Omega-3s, lot numbers 1196048, 1196050
    • Nature Made Super B Complex w/C & Folic Acid tablets, lot numbers 1173779, 1170987, 1204735, 1173146, 1204001


    • Nature Made Adult Gummies Hair, Skin, Nails, lot numbers 1198437 and 1198438
    • Nature Made Vitamin D 1000 IU tablets, lot numbers 1147550, 1174782, 1176755, 1140172, 1175637, 1176756, 1147978, 1147557
    Consumers are advised to stop using the affected Nature Made products and return them to stores for full refunds. Pharmavite is asking retailers and distributors to remove the impacted products from store shelves immediately.

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    Easy Dry Scalp Treatment

    The dry scalp treatment is becoming popular all over the world due to the increasing cases of the dry scalp in both men and women.

    About the malady of the dry scalp

    In modern society, projecting a smart appearance is very important part for impressing the other people. It is a very image-conscious society. So, the smooth and silky hairs are an important requirement of the smart and chic image for both men and women who want go ahead in their careers and the life. At such times, dry scalp can become a serious liability and cause for embarrassment for them. But, due to hectic lifestyle, most of them do not have time to maintain their hairs.  Don’t worry, in this article we will discuss the reasons for the dry scalp and the options for the dry scalp treatment. Like any other problem, there are various causes of the dry scalp.

    Dry scalp treatment

    Various causes of the dry scalp and the dry scalp treatment

    The basic reason for the dry scalp is said to be the lack of enough natural oils in the body. The skin’s sebaceous glands secrete lipids and the oil which is important for maintaining the natural moisture of scalp and the hairs. The hairs and the scalp become dry if it is stripped of this natural lubrication.  The dry scalp in turns causes itching, flaking and the brittle hairs which can break easily. It is a well known fact that if you know the causes, you can get the appropriate dry scalp treatment. So, the various causes of the dry scalp are as follows

    One of the major reasons of the dry scalp is the harsh hair cleansers or shampoos. Some of the hair shampoos or the cleansers contain various chemicals which remove the natural oil from the head. For preventing this, you should avoid the hair shampoos or cleansers which contain the anti-bacterial substances as these substances tend to be abrasive. If you would like to use any anti-dandruff shampoo, you should use one which has the moisturizing properties while you are continuing with the dry scalp treatment. When you finish your dry scalp treatment, you should discontinue using the anti-bacterial shampoo with the moisturizing properties.  After that, you should switch to the milder shampoo and limit the times when you use shampoo to wash your hairs in a week.

    The indiscriminate use of hot water in the bath or the shower is one of the major reasons of the dry scalp. If you do not want to strip off the lipids from your hairs and the skins, you should start using warm to lukewarm water for bath and shower. If you prefer hot water to bath and shower, you can cover your head and hairs with the shower cap. Afterwards, you can wash your scalp with the cool water.

    Dry scalp leads to the brittle hairs, itching and flaking which is not good for the smooth and silky hairs. So, if you are having dry scalp problem, do not waste time and take dry scalp treatment.

    Dry Scalp Treatment

    Dry scalp treatment is intended to restore the health of your scalp. By using natural remedies, it is possible to prevent the side effects that arise out of chemical products. If you use the right kind of product, the condition of the scalp as well as the hair will improve. By using most of the products that are available in the kitchen, you will be able to overcome the issues associated with the dry scalp. You should also remember the fact that most of the dry scalp issues will arise due to excess washing of the hair. By going for one or two time washings per week, you will protect the natural ingredients that assist the growth of hair on the scalp.

    Dry scalp

    Dry scalp symptoms

    If you are suffering from dry scalp, there will be excessive dryness. You might experience itching, dandruff and irritation as well. There will be hair loss which depends upon the severity of the issue. The symptoms might appear on acute basis or on chronic basis. By ensuring sufficient amount of moisture at the roots of the hair, it is possible to prevent the dry scalp. There are a number of commercial products to treat this condition. If you consult a dermatologist, he will check the scalp condition and will give you the most appropriate advice on usage of the right kind of products. The treatment will ensure that further hair loss will be prevented and by taking cautious precautions, it is possible to increase the growth of new hair. When you depend on herbal remedies, you will be able to resolve the issue without any complications and it is an inexpensive process.

    How to treat?

    In order to treat the dry scalp, the following dry scalp treatment steps can be followed:

    • The hair should be wetted. Hydrating shampoo of a quarter-sized shampoo should be poured into your palms. By using water at room temperature, the shampoo should be applied in a gentle manner on the scalp and hair. It should be rinsed thoroughly.
    • Instead of depending on a single shampoo, you should change them at frequent intervals. You should go through the ingredients that are present in the shampoo so that your hair and scalp will not be exposed to harmful ingredients. The shampoo that you use should not trigger further hair loss.
    • By using tar-based shampoo products, it is possible to deal with stubborn dandruff as well.
    • You can ensure hydration in the scalp by using hair conditioner which comes with hydrating properties. The shampoo should be applied and should be left in that for several minutes so that moisture will remain in the scalp region.
    • By decreasing the number of products that you will use to style your skin, you will be able to treat your scalp in an effective manner. Products which come with fragrances and alcohol should be discontinued.
    • Olive oil can be applied once in a week so that you will further support the cause of addition of moisture in the scalp. After applying the oil for 20 minutes, you can use shampoo to remove the same.